Veterans Fire Back at Letter by Senator »


An “open letter” from a senior Republican senator to the nation’s veterans in which he castigates the leadership of veterans’ organizations prompted a brutal war of words over the Memorial Day weekend....…

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Over One-Third of Staten Island Veterans Do NOT Take Advantage of Tax Benefits »


U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today launched a two-pronged plan to help ensure that veterans returning home to Staten Island from Iraq and Afghanistan are receiving critical benefits that will allow them to…

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  1. needfulthings: I,ve look’d at a VA refi, but the cost is just too great! Last company I had out I’d end...
  2. rlock67046: I’ve been waiting over 4 years, after the federal court remanded my claim back to the BVA. And Los...
  3. lomtevas: VA benefits are not wide ranging at all. A service member has to overcome two major obstacles in order to...
  4. lomtevas: This is rhetoric intended for election year bling. The federal government is the last place a veteran can...
  5. lomtevas: This is all bull*t rhetoric. No service member coming off of active duty with freshly lost income will...

VA Foreclosures


Are VA Loans Better? »

The Veterans Administration in the United States of America, in the direction in the Department for Veterans Affairs, may be the agency that awards benefits to veterans from the United…

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Legal Representation for Truck Drivers »

truck driver

The commercial truck industry is said by many to be the backbone of the country. Transporting food, building supplies, and many products that supermarkets and other institutions require to run business. With such…

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